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Rescuing Stray and Death Row Dogs from Municipal Shelters and Relocating them to Responsible Owners
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Donations are needed to offset medical/veterinary expenses. Please take a moment to read the stories below of some of the wonderful dogs we've helped and then consider making a donation here:

To Donate please send a check or money order to Society for Companion Animals, 619 Woolsey Dr., Dallas, TX 75224.

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Medical Expenses


Griffin was picked up in a rough neighborhood. He was eaten up with mange. He is a good looking dog today.


Goldie was abandoned at this house. Born with one eye she managed fine. Goldie was not afraid to go up to cars and beg for food. She was much like a person on a corner begging for money. She was always happy, with a heart of Gold, thus her name, Goldie. After her rescue, she had distemper and heartworms. Her treatment was over a thousand dollars.


Bella’s ears were so bad we spent days searching for a veterinarian that could do surgery on them. We found a vet who saved her ears for $1600.