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Rescuing Stray and Death Row Dogs from Municipal Shelters and Relocating them to Responsible Owners
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Society for Companion Animals must raise a minimum of $32,000 annually to transport the rescue dogs. SFCA does rescue and does not do adoption. Because we do not do adoptions, SFCA does not receive any money from the animals rescued. The only money SFCA takes in is through donations only. We need the help of Foundations and indivuals to donate to operate. Transporting animals is critical yet not popular. To operate we must get donations from people that are reading this like yourself. Any amount you can afford to donate we will be grateful for so please do not think your donation has to be a certain amount. Here is a list of the cost to ship a dog:

Our budget:

Our costs to ship dogs from DFW Airport on American Airlines to receiving airports:

31 small dogs shipped per month = $3,410
8 medium-size dogs shipped per month = $1,160
1 large-size dog shipped per month =$175
Average shipping per month total = $4,745
7-month shipping total = $33,215

Boarding costs:

Boarding is critical due to saving the dogs out of the shelters or streets as quickly as possible. We pull from kill shelters where each dog's time is often up quickly. Shelters are always full and space is limited. In order to save the dogs' lives, we have to pull them and board each week. We also board at a location convenient for volunteers to pick up.

40 dogs per month, 4 days a week, for 7 months = $11,200 Medical costs: Average per 7 months = $5,000 Shelter dogs are susceptible to upper respiratory infections, kennel cough, and other illnesses that we must treat. For dogs pulled from the street, we must pay full medical costs.

Project total = $49,415

To Donate please send a check or money order to Society for Companion Animals, 619 Woolsey Dr., Dallas, TX 75224.

To Donate by credit card:

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