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Rescuing Stray and Death Row Dogs from Municipal Shelters and Relocating them to Responsible Owners
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The Board of Directors of Society for Companion Animals hopes that you will consider a request for funding for Operation Transport, a critical project in which dogs are rescued from Dallas streets and at the City of Dallas shelter, and given a new life by relocating them to areas where there is a waiting list of responsible, adoptive owners.

Our budget:

Shipping dogs from DFW Airport on American Airlines to receiving airports:

20 small dogs per month ($2,260); 25 medium-sized dogs per month ($4,050): 30 large-sized dogs per month ($5,160). Average shipping per month total of $11,470 per month for 7 months = $80,290


We pull from kill shelters, which have limited space. Therefore, we need a safe place to house the animals awaiting transport and a convenient pick-up location for our volunteers: 75 dogs per month, 3 days a week, for 7 months = $15,750


We typically spend at least $20,000 per year for shots, tests and health certificates and for treating upper respiratory infections, kennel cough, heartworm, mange, illnesses and injuries.

Projected total costs = $116,040 to transport and care for 525 dogs

With your help, we can continue our life-saving work. SFCA volunteers spend countless hours cleaning and assembling cages and fostering and transporting the animals we rescue; but, if we did not have the funds on hand to cover our costs, we could not save a single life. Every penny that you donate to SFCA goes directly toward veterinary care, boarding and transport for the animals we help. Thanks to angels like you, we can give our pets wings.

To Donate please send a check or money order to Society for Companion Animals, 619 Woolsey Dr., Dallas, TX 75224.

To Donate by credit card: